The Ultimate Downtime Defense Solution

Get instant access to three downtime-destroying tools to protect your website and keep the sales rolling in:

Downtime Detector - We check your website for problems every 60 seconds. If we detect an issue, we'll send a text message, email, or both to as many as three different contacts. Every downtime event is triple-checked to prevent false alarms.

Email Eliminator - The last thing you need in an outage is thirty emails asking if there's a problem with your website. We build you a unique site status page to keep your customers informed of any issues (and your inbox empty).

Rapid Recovery - Detecting problems is good, but automatically fixing them is better. You can trigger custom webhooks when your site goes down so that the server auto-reboots. This means you can fix the problem while you sleep.

All For $9.99 Per Month

We only want you to pay if you enjoy the service, that's why you don't pay for the first 14 days, and we have a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.