Downtime is Destroying Your Customer Base

Quick and Easy Business-Grade Downtime Monitoring

Monitors your site for downtime every 60 seconds

Status pages to keep up a professional image

No technical knowledge or installation needed

The Last Thing You Wanted to Hear

Three Facts about Downtime You’re Not Going to Like:

The average website is down for three hours every month

It’s easy to think that downtime isn’t affecting you, but there’s a chance it already is without you realizing. Yes, this can mean lost business, but the problem goes far deeper than that for online business owners.

Nine percent of people who experience downtime on your website will never return

That’s according to a study by Akamai. It’s clear that every minute your site is offline you’re sending long-term customers straight to your competitors.

Downtime can hurt search engine rankings

If your downtime goes unchecked for over 24 hours, your search engine rank can begin to suffer. This means less new leads heading to your site and months of hard work for you to restore your position.

Your Website is Not Currently Protected Against Downtime

Let’s Change That.

We Alert You to Downtime Before Your Customers Do

SMS and Email Alerts for up to 10 websites

Webhook alerts for automatic website recovery

Choose which contacts are alerted for which URL

What You Can Expect

Keep More Customers

If your site goes down, we spring into action within a minute. This means your customers are less likely to start avoiding your site.

A Quiet Inbox

Custom status pages for your site keep your customers informed and limits the amount of queries being sent your way.

Fewer False Alarms

Unlike some downtime alert services, we triple-check every alert we send so you’re not being woken up for no reason.

“Our website was going down every morning and we had no idea.”

See What Our Customers Have to Say

James Taylor,

“My WordPress site got a tonne of visitors after a Twitter shoutout from a big account and the database overloaded. I just want to thank you guys for your speedy response in bringing it to my attention. I was able to get back up and running in no time.”

Amanda Hart,
eCommerce Owner

“I was astounded to receive a downtime alert at 9 AM every day. Our website was going down every morning and we had no idea. It turns out this was a sign that it was time to upgrade our server to cope with the traffic spikes.”

Martin Green,
SaaS Founder

“Thank you for this service. I’m a non-technical founder so it’s a massive relief being able to send alerts straight to my IT guys.”

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